The Finest in Consignment Discount Designer Women Clothing, Hand Bags, Purses, Apparel, Accessories & Jewelry in Connecticut
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We accept women's clothing in excellent condition, and most important-in fashion! (No Hammer pants, zoot suits, acid-washed jeans, etc)
We accept better department store and designer labels. These are only guidelines, of course, not hard and fast rules.

We accept casual, office, dressy, and evening wear. We also take shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses, and jewelry. If a woman can wear it, we'll consider it.

We can't sell items that are very wrinkly or stained in any way. Items should be recently cleaned, pressed, and on hangers. (Within reason, of course. You don't need to iron your jeans!)

We accept clothes that are in-season or are just anticipating the next season. We can't hold your fall items in April-we just don't have the space! Clothes sell quickly and at better prices when the season is right. Towards the end of each season we grow more and more selective.


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